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Book Club

Cheers are in order—Creative Lettering And Beyond is coming out November 1st, and you'll find a chapter in it by yours truly!

I contributed three projects that explore creative craft applications for your lettering—think painted place settings, embroidered cocktail napkins, watercolored gift tags... My favorite? Wood burned lettering (seen in the cheers tag above). Using an electric wood burning tool as your pen, you can create an impressive impression on wood. The result is rustic and awesome...and leaves your home smelling like campfire. I swear our apartment had an essence of s'mores for days while I was shooting. Each project is complete with detailed how-tos, process pics, and final photos. A few outtakes are pictured below—fun, right?!

You'll find my chapter in the incredible company of these super talented letterers—Gabri Joy Kirkendall, Laura Lavender, and Shauna Lynn Panczyszyn. They'll take you through comprehensive lessons and additional projects.

And now, said in my best radio dj contest voice, want your own copy? Be the first to comment below and I'll mail you one for free! If you're a little slow on the draw, you can purchase one here.





Photography by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day // Art Direction by Jordan Ferney // Coordinated by Stacy Wichelhaus // Styling by Caitlin Barker // Assisted by Harper Casimiro // Crafting and calligraphy by Flourish & Whim

I just finished up another fun and festive calligraphy collaboration with Oh Happy Day—no Paas dye required for this classy take on everyone's favorite Easter egg decorating tradition. Not sure you're ready to take the permanent ink plunge? Get it out of your system and tattoo some eggs. 'Tis the season!

I calligraphed a page of Easter greetings and cute phrases that were printed on temporary tattoo paper and applied to the eggs. To download the free calligraphy template, get all the how-tos, and see more pretty pics, head over to Oh Happy Day...


Christmas Countdown

Photography by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day

The golden sparkle, chalked numbers, and red ribbon are just so merry. 

I helped craft and calligraphy this little tinsel beauty for Oh Happy Day's advent calendar series. Definitely check out the full post here for all the photos, details, and holiday how-tos.


A Christmas Collaboration

Photography by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day

I loved working with Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day on her seasonal series—she is a maven when it comes to advent calendar cleverness, crafting, and fun. I calligraphed the numbered flags that we then nestled into these mini pines and mounted on small gift boxes to mark the days till the Man in Red's arrival. 

For all the festive photos from the shoot and details about our crafting along with a free download of the F&W calligraphed flags (now you can print 'em and make your own!) head over to Oh Happy Day.

PS Is the little red car not the cutest? Ever?


Ready for Takeoff

Photographed by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day // F&W calligraphy

More crafted costume cuteness and chalkboard calligraphy from my most recent collaboration with Jordan at Oh Happy Day. This little pilot and his private (cardboard) jet are ready for lift off.

Check out the full post with all the pics and how-to details here.


Oh Happy...Halloween

Photographed by Aubrey Trinnaman (L) and Paul Ferney (R) for Oh Happy Day // F&W calligraphy

A few more adorable costumes—mini Frida Kahlo, little Andy Warhol and a classic robot—along side some F&W chalkboard calligraphy shots from my time crafting and collaborating with Jordan Ferney on her Homemade Halloween series. 

I mean c'mon with the cuteness, right? And check out this little number we paper-mached and hot glued into a whimsical cloud...

For the full posts and all the pictures head over to Oh Happy Day


Oh Happy Day

Photographed by Aubrey Trinnaman for Oh Happy Day

Photographed by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day // F&W calligraphy

Shortly after moving to San Francisco I began following Jordan Ferney's Oh Happy Day blog and was instantly smitten with her unmatched style, aesthetic and creativity. Just last week I went from long time internet follower to in-person crafter as I joined Jordan's team for a few days of creative collaboration, crafting and photoshoots for her Homemade Halloween series. Such fun! 

The first post went live today and it's pure floral joy. I was all smiles as I sat in Jordan's studio surrounded by flowers and armed with a hot glue gun crafting this darling costume. A package of glue sticks, bunches upon bunches (upon bunches) of fake flowers and a precious 3 year old later, look at this sweet result. ...and check out the F&W chalkboard calligraphy!

No tricks here, I'd say this flower girl deserves plenty of treats.

For the full post and all the details, head over to Oh Happy Day...and stay tuned for more costume cuteness in the coming weeks.


For Emma

Cue up Bon Iver's For Emma for sweet baby Emma Rose, born July 25th.

Knit up, pom-pommed and packaged, this tiny hat is en route to Chicago. Word has it that she was born with a head of dark hair, so come winter in the Windy City this ought to keep her head warm and little locks in place.

Welcome to the world, Emma. 


Three Cheers!

No need for elaborate centerpieces or decorations when the drinks pack this much darling. As party goers mingled with their bottle in hand, these stripey straws and cheery exclamations brightened up more than just the bar. 

I'll drink to that!


Oh Baby!

After receiving a baby hat order, my mind was a flutter with visions of colorful yarn and pom poms...lots of pom poms. As I continued reading the request, the plot thickened—the hats would be gifted at a gender reveal party so they had to be gender neutral. Nooo! And not just neutral, but ready to quickly assume a girlish sweetness or boyish charm at the drop of a hat (ha, pun.)

I refused to accept pastel yellow as a solution. Or any pastels for that matter. Why can't babies have a little fun? So after gazing at Imagiknit's wall of yarn and (over) analyzing options, I landed on this creamy neutral with fun, poppy stripes that could swing either way...the red reads sweetly coral when I pictured it on a girl and fire engine when imagined on a boy. And it's no secret that I love mustard yellow, it's a neutral that would look darling with a bright fuscia onsie or handsome with navy blue.

Wrapped in gold, adorned with more pom poms, these precious little numbers were packaged up, sent cross country and ready to learn their destiny.

*UPDATE it's a girl! Break out the bold florals and hot pinks!




Pinyadayada (Photo credit: Julie Harmsen Fitts)

As college room and studio mates, Sara and I go way back with our arts and crafting antics.

When Sara shared about her new passion for the piñata, I joined in the fun and started an email chain with the subject line pin yada yada yada. After a string of comical back and forths, she sent the closer: Um. I just bought pinyadayada.com

And thus, Pinyadayada was born. 

Sara is making fabulous custom pinyadas—check them out here and hereI joined the party and crafted this golden mini-yada complete with trap door to insert candy. Fun! (Check out Oh Happy Day's great post for detailed instructions on mini piñata making.)


Bottled Up

Cheap, charming and easy—yes please! These yarn wrapped San Pellegrino bottles brought a bold pop of color to the table setting and a fun alternative to traditional yawn-worthy table numbers.

(Craftspiration for the bottles is from Hello Lucky!'s book of whimsy and wedding craft fun Handmade Weddings.)